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Ludlowe defeats Stamford for first time ever

Varsity - 2012 Season
Posted Thursday, January 12, 2012 by Nicholas Garoffolo
Ludlowe defeats Stamford for first time ever. Ludlowe defeated Stamford 45-27 and moved their record to 6-3. Ludlowe wrestled 9 wrestlers up in weight and pinned 4 times to take the match. The most exciting match was Henry Wales (L) who wrestled up a weight class to Wrestle Open finalist Pierre St and loosed 16-10. Wales had a take down and a near fall in the first period and the first period ended 7-7, but Pierre St was too much for Wales and eventually won. Pinners for Ludlowe were Eshan Dave 108, Eric Kirchgasser 122, Alex Sullivan 160 and Mike Pirrie 287.
115 Ben Batulanon L won 4-3 over Marriquin (S)
122 Eric Kirch Gasser (L) pinned Pirre (S)
128 Joe Piccolo (L) won 9-1 over Commarato
134 Pierie St (S) 16-10 Henry Wales (L)
140 Joe Battinelli pinned Matt Lilly (L) 0:52
147 Nic Catlin (L) won 10-0 DeJongh (S)
154 Mauricio Xocoy (L) pinned Issido-Claudis 0:15
160 Alex Sullivan (L) pinned 3:16 Saint-Lous (S)
172 Nieto (S) pinned Joe Sokolski L 3:24
184 Ben Brzoski (L) won 16-6 Richardson (S)
195 Sanchez (S) pinned Tim Moran (L) 3:20
222 Garvey (S) pinned Matt Garoffolo (L) 0:47
287 Mike Pirrie (L) pinned Doyle (S) 0:20
108 Eshan Dave (L) pinned Reynolds (S) 2:39

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